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Gear Air Aquaseal +FD

Gear Air Aquaseal +FD

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Aquaseal FD Flexible Durable Repair Adhesive is ideal for repairing holes and tears in dry bags, wetsuits, paddling apparel and latex gaskets. Waterproofs, seals and protects against abrasion.

  • Aquaseal is the industry standard for maximum strength repairs to wetsuits, dry suits and all water sports products.
  • It bonds to hypalon, neoprene, latex, nylon, vinyl (PVC), GORE-TEX and other trilaminates, fabrics, foams, composites, and plastics.
  • It dries clear and flexible and is also self-levelling.
  • It works great for replacing latex gaskets and adding an abrasion-resistant layer on boats and other boating gear.
  • Mix Cotol Accelerator and Cleaner with Aquaseal to shorten cure time. It's also a great cleaner for prepping surfaces for repair.
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